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Since its incorporation in 1986, the Association of North Carolina Boards of Health has been and continues to be a unique organization serving North Carolina’s local boards of health and their members.

The Association’s goal is clear: to pursue excellence in public health in North Carolina by providing leadership and support for local Boards of Health in their efforts to protect and promote the public's health.  And its purposes remain focused on the health of the public by:


  • Promoting high standards of comprehensive public health services for the citizens of North Carolina.

  • Providing consultation and education for, and facilitate the exchange of ideas among, Board of Health members.

  • Supporting health policy and finance issues in support of public health in North Carolina.

  • Promoting close working relationships between local Boards of Health and other allied agencies.

  • Promoting programs and projects deemed necessary to protect and promote the health of the citizens in North Carolina.

  • Supporting public awareness of public health issues and dangers.


ANCBH continues to meet the needs of our members by working with:

  • Local health directors by attending their monthly meetings, supporting their advocacy efforts, and giving a monthly report of our activities;

  • The N.C. Institute of Public Health local board of health training program by providing a trainer;

  • The N.C. Local Health Department Accreditation Board with four members serving on the board; 

  • Liaison groups such as N.C. Association of County Commissioners, N.C. Alliance for Health, and the N.C. Citizens for Public Health.



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