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The ANCBH Board of Directors supports the value and importance of Boards of Health and Local Health Departments in Advancing Public Health in North Carolina.

Mission:  To identify and address training needs, enable sharing information, identify best practices, learn stories of success/growth, and build relationships among board members per ANCBH’s mission
1. Offer members of Boards of Health opportunity to learn from colleagues.
2. Help boards tap into new sources of knowledge as we serve the citizens of NC

Invitees:  Members of NC Boards of Health, Local Health Directors, members of Consolidated Boards, County Commissioners serving as Boards of Health, and ANCBH board members
Virtual Meetings:  Registration is FREE and meetings are held approximately every other month via Zoom.  View the ANCBH Calendar for upcoming meetings.
Inaugural meeting:  "The Role of Local BOHs as a Critical Public Health Institution".  View the slides and the Zoom video recording of the presentation by Vaughn Upshaw, DrPH, MPH, EdD, Chair, Department of Public Health Leadership and Practice at UNC Chapel Hill and founding member of ANCBH.

Upcoming meetings

July 22, 2024 @ 7-8pm Program and Registration
Invited Speaker Dr. Elizabeth Tilson, NC State Health Director/Chief Medical Officer NC DHHS, will discuss the critical role of local Boards of Health in North Carolina's decentralized public health system.

September 30, 2024 @ 7-8pm Program and Registration (TBA)
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