To join ANCBH, please complete and submit the form to the right.

You will be asked for a current resume/CV, a reference letter from your Board

of Health Chair or Health Director and a short statement indicating your desire

to join the board.

The Association has four membership categories defined in its bylaws and they are:



Voting Privileges at Annual Meeting. Open to North Carolina County or District

Boards of Health, County or District Boards of Human Services, and Public Health

Authorities upon payment of dues.

Note: Institutional members have voting privileges at the Association’s Annual Meeting.

An institutional member shall designate one member of its current governing board to

vote on behalf of that institution on any matter to which a member is entitled to vote,

and shall notify the association of the name and address of its designee.



Current board members of a governing body that holds institutional membership are automatically individual members without payment of dues.


Open to all former Board members and other persons who support the goals of ANCBH upon payment of dues.


Director Emeritus

Open to duly qualified former members of the ANCBH Board of Directors who are elected to this honorary status by a vote of the Board of Directors. The Director Emeritus is an honor that is bestowed only on those leaders in public health who have served on the ANCBH Board of Directors. Director Emeriti are entitled to:

  • Be represented on the current Board of Directors

  • Attend all Board of Director meetings and functions

Click here to download the current list of Emeriti Members.






Thank you for your interest in joining ANCBH! We will be in touch soon to finalize your membership.