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Environmental Health: From creeks to clouds: The invisible invasion of microplastics. 

ANCBH recommends reading the December 4, 2023 article by Will Atwater in NC Health News:  Rose Hoban, Founder and Editor

Welcome to ANCBH, where our goal is clear: to pursue excellence in public health in North Carolina by providing leadership and support for local Boards of Health in their efforts to protect and promote the public's health.


January was proclaimed as Radon Action Month in NC. Learn more about radon risks and testing. 

ANCBH February 2024 Newsletter was posted to the Resources tab above.

View the ANCBH Board of Directors Meeting Calendar for 2024

ember 2023 Newsletter was posted to the Resources tab above.

Calvert Jeffers, DVM and Ms. Eva Brown, MPA have been designated as Director Emeritus Board Members effective November 2023

Two advocacy letters were added to the Resolutions tab:  Access to Covid-19 antivirals in Underserved Populations and Violence to Public Health Workers

Orientation slides
for ne
w ANCBH Board of Directors Members have been added to the website.  

ANCBH revised and approved the Association's By-Laws at the September 20, 2023 Annual Meeting.

ANCBH announces 2023 Recipients of 3 Distinguished Public Health Awards:

Surry County Health and Nutrition Center and
the Office of Substance Abuse and Recovery

Surry County Board of Health
Stanly County Consolidated Health and Human Services Board

View the Press Release

Don't kiss your backyard poultry and small turtles
CDC warns of Salmonella risk to humans. Also see CDC Newsroom Tab above.

NC DHHS issues updated COVID-19 key treatment messages, information about product accessibility and an overview of treatment options to healthcare providers for outpatient treatment of COVID-19 (rev. September 6 2023).

ANCBH Board of Directors Benjamin Tillett, PharmD (Person) serves as President of NALBOH and Marielena Moreno-Garcia, BSN, RN, CCM, NE-BC (Alamance) serves on the NALBOH Board of Directors in addition to her liaison role to the NCLHD Accreditation Board

Interactive Maps – Organization and Governance of NC Human Services Agencies was added to the Resources Tab above

Vaccine Confidence:  A link to tools for Boards of Health and frontline providers was posted to the Resources Tab above

ANCBH thanks the 200+ public health nurses and 17+ speakers who attended the

Celebration in Greensboro, NC May 5, 2023  View more about the Conference
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